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Q?: How long have you been in business?

    A: Younger companies are not necessarily lesser companies, but this is a good starting point. It is also good to know the personal experience of the Director/Owner.

Q?: How much and what type of professional insurance coverage does your company carry?

    A: The industry standard is $1M this is also the AMATS requirement as well as that it be written specifically for the intervention and transport of at-risk youth and young adults. It's not a bad idea to ask for a copy of a company's proof of insurance binder with broker contact information. If a company or individual is not willing to invest in the correct professional insurance coverage for themselves and their clients why would you want to entrust a loved one with them. This is probably the single biggest distinguishing factor between people and companies who are committed to providing a professional and lasting quality of service and those who are willing to cut corners.

Q?: Are your Transport Agents employees of your company and not contracted?

    AMATS requires it's members to either employ their agents, so they are covered under the company insurance policy, or show proof the contractor has coverage that meets the $1,000,000 minimum. This also reverts back to the previous question because if the individuals working with your loved one do not fall under the insurance coverage what's the point of having the insurance in the first place.

Q?: What kind of background checks do you perform on your employees ?

    FBI biometric background checks are the standard for AMATS members, and the California Trustline Registry is required for companies working out of the state of California.

Q?: Is your Company independent of Programs and Schools in the special needs industry?

    It is generally accepted in this industry that there may be a conflict of interest if the program your child is being taken to also owns the company doing the transport.

Q?: What is your policy regarding physical restraints and mechanical restraints?

    It's important for you to understand this policy and you are comfortable with how this is implemented if ever necessary. This is something that very rarely happens.

Q?: What is your policy regarding the training of your transport staff?

    It is important the Primary Agent has a high level of experience and training. It's a good idea to get an explanation of the company's specific training procedures.

Do you always have at least one like sex agent with my child?

    This is not a rule or law but rather it's just common sense and professionalism

Does your state require licensing of your business and if so are you licensed?

    Most states don't require specific licensing regarding the transporting of clients, but some do. A bare minimum should be that they are licensed to operate as a business so that you know they are accountable for their operation.
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