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Jeff Johnson

Jeff Johnson
AMATS Executive Director

Jeff is a proud father of six grown daughters and currently resides with his wife, Dori, in Southern Utah where he is able to pursue his personal passions of photography and consulting with industry professionals all over the country. As a young man, Jeff served his country in Vietnam, in what he calls the most extreme wilderness program ever. This experience, along with his career in the therapeutic field, has shaped Jeff's strong belief in promoting a nonviolent and caring way of life. Jeff Johnson has been working specifically with at-risk youth and their families for over twenty years. Most of his efforts have focused on counseling parents in crisis seeking options for their children. He has served on the management team on a number of start up therapeutic schools and wilderness programs. Jeff helped start AMATS in the value of a professional and caring intervenion process. He has seen and felt the difference in adolescents that have benefitted from a quality intervention and transport process. It is important to him to support high standards and practices in the industry during this pivotal time. In addition to his role with AMATS, Jeff runs On Point Consultants and On Point Photography. He is available (435-491-0398) to parents wanting to know more about AMATS and it's members. He is well qualified to answer questions about the intervention process or the therapeutic service industry in general.

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