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AMATS understands that being an open organization as well as being responsive to the needs and thoughts of those we serve is critical for our efforts to achieve the goals set forth in our Mission Statement. We seek thoughtful and purpose driven feedback in all forms both positive and constructive. We feel that interaction with concerned, involved individuals will provide guidance and action that will continute to improve the services our member companies offer.

How do I send in an official feedback string?

Simply use the the email form to the left of this page or call our Executive Director Jeff Johnson directly at 435-491-0398.

Will I receive a response?

Absolutely! We can guarantee that any and all feedback will be processed by our Executive Director and if necessary will be brought forth and discussed among our member companies during our monthly meetings.

Is my feedback confidential?

If you wish to remain anonymous then simply put that wish in the message and refrain from putting your name in the name field. It is helpful however to have your email so as to allow us to send a follow up response.

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